Wilmington Police Pipes and Drums

​615 Bess Street, Wilmington NC 28401


Planning for the Wilmington Police Pipes and Drums began in March of 2000. After some initial delays, practice chanters were ordered on February 16, 2001. Band Members initially received instruction through former Scots Guardsman Andy Simpson, and later from Kirk Rose, a former Pipe Major for the U.S. Coast Guard Pipes and Drums. While the first group of chanter students progressed, the band’s first sets of McCallum bagpipes were ordered on September 7, 2001. We had no idea at that time that our bagpipe delivery from Scotland would be delayed by the terrorists’ destruction of the Customs Offices in the World Trade Center just four days later. In Late October, 2001 our bagpipes arrived. Practice continued in preparation for the band’s debut.On January 22, 2001 kilts and other uniform items were ordered for the band. The band proudly wears the MacNeil of Barra tartan.



The Wilmington Police Pipes and Drums provides traditional bagpipe music, representing the City of Wilmington Police Department and performs at events sanctioned by the Chief of Police or his designee. The band’s normal duties are as follows: 

· To assist the Police Department by performing at appropriate ceremonial functions.

· To assist the Police Department by performing at officer/employee involved funeral and memorial events.

· To promote the Police Department at Community Events and other events as approved by the Chief of Police.

Band Composition

The band consists of bagpipers, snare drummers, bass drummers, tenor drummers and drum majors. The Band is operated by the following Band Officers:


Band Executive Board Composed of Pipe Major, Band Manager, Pipe Sergeant, Drum Sergeant, Quartermaster.  Monthly meetings will be held on the last Tuesday of each month.  Quorum needed to carry a vote will be 3 members of the leadership team present.

Pipe Major (Active/Retired WPD):

Responsible for tuning/leading the band in performances. Music selections. Member of the Executive Board.  Will lead the meetings, and accept agenda items.

Band Manager (Active/Retired WPD):

Responsible for managing band appearances for performances w/ agreement of (Pipe Major/Quartermaster/Pipe Sergeant/Drum Sergeant).  Primary contact for the band. Member of the Executive Board.

Pipe Sergeant (Active/Retired WPD):

Assists in tuning the band/leading the band at performances in Pipe Major’s Absence.  Helps to teach new pipers, and is a member of the Executive Board.

Pipe Corporal:

Assists pipe sergeant

Drum Sergeant (Active/Retired WPD):

Leads the drum corps, establishes training, decides upon band standard scores.  Helps to teach drummers, and is a member of the Executive Board.

Drum Corporal:

Assists the Drum Sergeant

Quartermaster (Active/Retired WPD):

Issues, orders, tracks, and accounting for Band Uniforms and Equipment.  Is a member of the Executive Board. Quartermaster is also responsible for Maintaining a band Roster, and the Application Copies for New Members.Band Manager - Primary authority of the band. Appointed by the Chief of Police to serve at his pleasure. Organizes, assigns positions within the band, selects band officers and is responsible for band operations. Supervises education and training of band members.

Pipe Major – Serves as the Musical director of the band. The Pipe Major is selected by the Band Manager. The Pipe Major teaches piping and coordinates drumming for the ensemble. The Pipe Major tunes and sets up the band for practices and performances.

Pipe Sergeant - Assists the Pipe Major. Assumes the responsibilities of the Pipe Major in his absence or at the request of the Pipe Major. 

Drum Sergeant - Responsible for operations of the drum section. Supervises education and training of drumming students.

Drum Major - Responsible for band movements during performances and is the on-site point of contact for all performances.

Quartermaster - Responsible for maintaining all band uniforms, equipment and supplies that have not been distributed to band
members. Maintains records for the accountability of band equipment, apparatus, and supplies assigned to members. Conducts periodic inventories of all band physical assets. Assists with the correct dress, handling, and proper care of all issued items.

The band’s first performance was The Lower Cape Fear Peace Officer’s Memorial Celebration on May 13, 2002. Our band performed at multiple September 11 Commemorative Ceremonies in 2002, a tradition that has continued each year since. The band was honored to be able to participate in the 10 Anniversary 9/11 Ceremonies in New York City. The band thanks the donors who contributed generously to help defray the cost for the band to travel to New York City for the 10 Anniversary 9/11 Ceremonies.